Rebecca Shepherd-Smith, L.D., R.D.

Rebecca is a multifaceted licensed, Registered Dietitian with over twenty-six years of experience. Rebecca’s expertise includes fine dining, catering, university, and health-centered atmospheres. Ms. Shepherd-Smith’s expertise encompasses her ability as a culinary and executive chef giving her the knowledge of “the ins and outs of the kitchen world.”  With this background, Rebecca is prepared to offer a more comprehensive overview of both personal and professional dietary and nutritional needs.  Rebecca consults on nutritional information, dietary restrictions, food allergens, and healthier recipe options, as well as providing sensible and effective meal planning.  With top dietary-related diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and obesity on the rise, many are becoming more conscious of the benefits of a healthier menu and lifestyle.  With all of Rebecca’s unique experience coupled with her extensive education she is prepared to meet your culinary desires while focusing on the nutritional benefits of healthy and balanced lifestyle choices.