BalanceBleu Signature Chicken Salads – 12oz.


It’s here! We are offering 12oz portions of our popular Chicken Salad, Classic and Tropical!

Keep BalanceBleu signature chicken salads on hand for a quick lunch or a healthier late-night snack option! Our team loves to spread it on a fresh, crisp piece of Romaine lettuce for a light, but filling bite.

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Even though we don’t recommend eating the entire 12oz portion in one sitting, we are providing the nutritional information for the whole 12oz as well as our standard 4oz entrée portion and 2oz snack size.

— Classic —
Size: 12oz. – 4oz. – 2oz.
Calories: 606 – 202 – 101
Fat: 24g – 8g – 4g
Protein: 84g -28g – 14g
Carbs: 6g – 2g – 1g
Fiber: 0g
Sodium: 642mg – 214mg – 107mg

— Tropical —
Size: 12oz. – 4oz. – 2oz.
Calories: 582 – 194 – 97
Fat: 24g – 8g – 4g
Protein: 66g -22g – 11g
Carbs: 30g – 10g – 5g
Fiber: 6g – 2g – 1g
Sodium: 696mg – 232mg – 116mg

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Classic, Tropical, Curry


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